Foie gras with brioche bread and fruit jam 18.00

Assorted salami with vinegar vegetables 14.00

Lake fish-balls with fried vegetables 13.00

Lake fish mixed hors d’œuvre 14.00

Prawns with red mullet pie and honey sauce 15.00

Porcini and potatoes puff pastry cake with local cheese fondue 13.00

White fish tartare with black truffle 18.00

Brased snails with local corn-meal pudding 13.00

First Courses

Pumpkin dumplings with local cheese fondue and black truffle 18.00

Perch ravioli with lake egg-roe 14.00

White onions soup with roasted bread 13.00

Fresh pasta with sweetbread and artichokes 15.00

Buckwheat flour fresh pasta with cheese and vegetables 13.00

Fresh pasta with whole wheat flour and local deer souce 14.00

"Maccheroni" fresh pasta with curled octopus and broccoli 14.00

Main Courses

Pike-perch with balsamic vinegar, caramelized grapes and broad beans 24.00

Fried lake fish with vegetables 22.00

White fish filets with artichokes and salsify cream 23.00

White fish filets with capers and lemon sauce and fish egg-roe 22.00

Roasted lamb rack with olives and local cheese croust and thyme sauce 24.00

Sliced beef with "Inferno" red wine sauce 23.00

Local deer with red fruits and Port reduction 25.00

Selection of boiled meat with parsley sauce and fruits “mostarda” 22.00

Special of the day

Artichoke salad 14.00

Risotto with perch filets (min. per two) 21.00

Black cod filet with saffron sauce 25.00

Veal chop with local black truffle 26.00

Side Dishes

Green salad 6.00

Mixed salad 8.00

Assorted cheese with red onions jam 12.00


Fresh cheese and durum wheat cake with orange cream 8.00

Traditional home made ice-cream 8.00

Creme brulèe with natural vanilla beans 8.00

Tiramisù 8.00

Apples and pears small pie 8.00

“Semifreddo” parfait with bananas and aged rhum 8.00


Red fruits cheese cake 8.00

Warm Manjari chocolate soufflè 8.00

Pineapple and fresh fruits carpaccio 8.00

Three chocolate mousse with hazelnuts heart 8.00

"Zabaione" with Marsala wine and home-made biscuits 8.00

Sweet pastry cake with chocolate and dried fruit 8.00

Cover charge 4.00

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