The history of the crotto

The historic Crotto dei Platani restaurant, founded in 1855, owes its name to the traditional cellar dug into the rock, called “crotto “, characterized by Sorèl , a current of cold air that comes in a mysterious way from the bowels of the mountains and that maintains a constant temperature of about 8 ° C both in winter and in summer, making it an ideal environment for the maturation of wine and for the maturation of cured meats and cheeses.

The thirties

In the Thirties this place, halfway between Brienno and Argegno, at the foot of Monte Gringo, was the small headquarters of the most elusive smugglers in the area, who mingled with lumberjacks and local people to escape the controls.

The cavadini family

In 1977 Fernando and Renata Cavadini took over the property and began a process of transformation and growth of the restaurant business, making it a point of reference for lovers of good food.

the new project

In May 2019 the Crotto dei Platani reopens after the renovation, signed by the well-known architecture firm Venelli Kramer, which expands and completely renovates the rooms on the lakeside to offer restaurant guests a modern and fascinating location and a kitchen area compliant with highest quality standards in the industry.

To the present day

For twenty years, his son Francesco has been carrying on this tradition with growing success, welcoming a varied and international clientele who choose Crotto dei Platani for its fabulous position on the lakeside, for the welcoming and elegant atmosphere, for the creative cuisine inspired by local tradition and top quality service.